Welcome to Thunder Road Kitchen

You can order online for DELIVERY or COLLECTION 

The first time you order from us you will need to register. 

If you are COLLECTING, you can set a collection timed window to suit you, and pay on line, or pay on collection. This will save you waiting in the queue!

If you want DELIVERY you will need to set up a DELIVERY LOCATION before we can accept delivery orders. This is to ensure that we can actually deliver to your location. Individual deliveries incur a small delivery charge of £1

If you work locally, we will set up your office as an approved delivery location. This means thet you will have a delivery time window, and all deliveries to that location will be delivered together. In this case there will be no delivery charge. All delivery orders must be pre-paid online, we do not collect money on delivery. Order cut off is 30 minutes before the delivery window.

Most of our Products are available in a MEAL DEAL

If you order the components of a Meal Deal, they will be AUTOMATICALLY DISCOUNTED at CHECKOUT


Breakfast Cob and a Drink £2.95

any WRAP and a Drink

Filled Roll, Snack and a Drink £4.50

Filled Baguette, Snack and a Drink £5.00

Jacket Potato Snack and a Drink £5.00


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